Day #505 (Mon., May 23, 2011) – “Bosh” For Strawberries

Katie was trying to bring her plush rabbit onto the bed this morning and accidentally fell backwards and hit her head. It was not too big of a bump, but it did need a good hug from mommy and a trip to the window to see all the “happenings outside” in order to fix.

2011-05-23 - Stacking Blocks
2011-05-23 - Stacking Blocks

Katie assembled a stack of 4 cubes on the table in the living room this afternoon (see photo to the left).

This afternoon Katie bought my wife a little book with some strawberries on the cover and said “Bosh” (“Brashkas” is the Lithuanian word for strawberries). When my wife said “do you want some strawberries” she started to giggle. My wife gave her a serving of the organic strawberries I got from Trader Joe’s the other day). We will have to remember this word…

My wife tried to put the table on the high chair this afternoon but Katie would not let her. She would pull her knees up to her chest so that she could not put it into place. Eventually my wife gave up, and Katie put her legs down and pulled the table into herself so that it was in place. Every day we are seeing signs that she wants to be a grown up and do things for herself.

7:15pm – I’m not sure about this fascination our child has with “gathering” things. When she comes to see you she feels compelled to “bring something”. I don’t think we will have any problems teaching our child the concept of sharing. Here I am sitting in the LazyBoy with a blanket and a shoe resting on my chest and I don’t think she is done yet…

1) Katie stacked 4 cubes on top of each other today.