Day #514 (Wed., June 1, 2011) – What Color Would Our Cat Be?

Katie is running around with her crayons today. Nothing is safe from her markup. Good thing these crayons wash off easy. I’m wondering if we did have a cat what color it would be? Katie would be putting a mark of orange crayon here and a bit of blue there.

It seems that Katie is much more rested and easy to manage when she gets a chance to go outside. So, we all went to Moe’s for dinner tonight. Tonight is a special on their taco salad, and Katie had some of ours. This time we sat in a booth. It was nice as her high chair can fit right under the table. This means that she can sit closer and there is less chance that her food will end up on the floor.

2011-06-01 - Katie Loves The Sand
2011-06-01 - Katie Loves The Sand

After Moe’s I dropped my wife off at “Once Upon A Child”. We are still looking for shoes for Katie. No luck, but my wife did get a nice pair of light purple tights for Katie.

Our next stop was the park in downtown Cary. Not many people were there. Katie loves the feel of sand in her hands (as you can see in the photo to the left). Katie got a chance to run around in the new pink shoes (with the flowers on the toes) that we picked up at Old Navy on Monday. Boy is she fast. It would be nice if this park had a gate around it so that children could not wander off into the street. Luckily the street is not a busy one. Alas, we have to keep Katie constantly in our sight.

9:43pm – Katie is playing her toy piano along with the gentleman on the Lawrence Welk show.

9:45pm – Katie has her foot up on the coffee table. She is trying to put it into a huge red croc that my wife’s mother left when she went back to Lithuania. This child sure loves her shoes…

1) Katie can sure run!