Day #35 (Sun., Feb. 7, 2010) – Super Bowl Time!

6:00am and hopefully little Katie is sleeping now. She has been up for about 2 hours and I think she’s played out. My wife and I are done as well…

2010-02-07 - Flower Rattle
2010-02-07 - Flower Rattle

We mentioned in a previous post that little Katie’s favorite toy is the adjustable lamp next to our bed. Another toy she likes is the “flower rattle” that was attached to the swing. Here’s a picture on the right.

It has been a rough night and morning. Little Katie has not been sleeping soundly and as a result neither have my wife or I.

6:11pm and little Katie is sleeping. I know how much she loves football so I’m torn between whether to wake her up in time for the opening kickoff of the Super Bowl or not. The kickoff is at 6:30…I’ll let her sleep a little longer…

People ask me how I know little Katie likes football. Sometimes when it is on television she screams at the top of her lungs…cheering her team on as football fans all know too well! While some people may say that she is screaming for her next meal, I know better.

10:00pm and little Katie is screaming like mad. I’m not sure if this is because the Super Bowl just ended, or she is a Colts fan? Guess I will ask her when she gets a bit older. While many adults will choose to celebrate the New Orleans Saint’s Super Bowl victory over the Indianapolis Colts by going out drinking, little Katie will have “the usual” and then straight to bed (hopefully).

1) Tonight was one of the first nights in which it was hard to quiet little Katie down. It’s usually she needs feeding, or burping, or changing, but tonight was a bit of a mystery. Perhaps she is just over tired…