Day #523 (Fri., June 10, 2011) – Cheese Omelette

It’s been a rough night. Katie was up a couple of times and my wife brought her into the bedroom to play. She eventually went to bed but these late nights are wiping her parents out.

I made an omelette for Katie for breakfast yesterday but it didn’t go over too well. I think she likes the crusty cheese coating on her eggs, so we went back to this recipe today. I fried and egg…mushed it up so that it would be solid through and through, and coated it with cheese on each side. She loved it. I think she likes the “crunch”…

I ripped open the rest of the package of red tickets that I got Katie at the Dollar Store a while back, but she was not too interested in them. If she can’t “patch” it, it is worthless…at least that’s the way it seems these days.

2011-06-10 - Katie Playing
2011-06-10 - Katie Playing

I ripped off some of the stickers from the large coloring book I got Katie a few weeks ago. She doesn’t like the feel of them on her hands or feet. They stick and she can’t get them off…very frustrating…

This evening we went to Moe’s for dinner. Katie loved it, as always. Afterwords we took her to the park near Lochmere (see photo to the left). It was getting dark by the time we arrived so she didn’t have a lot of time to play, but she did run around a bit. There were fireflies glowing in the night sky and she was fascinated with that. This park also seems to have a perpetual amount of toys in the sandbox. We thought that they belonged to other kids, but now we think they are left there for all to enjoy. Katie enjoyed organizing them and bringing them to mom and dad to inspect.

1) Katie loves her cheese omelette.