Day #533 (Mon., June 20, 2011) – Visiting WRAL

2011-06-20 - WRAL Fountain
2011-06-20 - WRAL Fountain

This evening we went to Moe’s (which seems to be a Monday ritual for us). Afterwords we decided that we would visit the flowers at the WRAL gardens. Katie loved roaming around and seeing the various flowers. “Pretty” as she calls them. She really liked the water fountain just outside their main office. The surrounding area has smooth stones as decorations, and Katie enjoyed organizing them (surprise, surprise). She managed to put a stone or two on each of the park benches that surrounded the fountain. When she got the idea to throw one of the stones into the fountain we knew that it was time to pack up and head for home…

Just before we left WRAL we saw Debra Morgan leave with a security guard. The security guard said that Debra noticed Katie and said she was cute. I thought I would send her an email and a few photos of Katie. She responded…here is what she said:


She is adorable! Thanks for sharing the pictures. I’m glad you had a nice visit. Come back in the spring with Katie when the azaleas are blooming!

Take care,

Speaking of WRAL, it was nice to be able to have a place where she could roam around and not have to worry about her falling off of something or hitting her head. She loves the various parks we have been to, but is a bit of a daredevil…so we have to be careful that she does not hurt herself.

Within the last couple of days Katie has learned how to take her diaper off. Well, she had a “full load” this evening and decided that she would take her diaper off and come to see what daddy was doing in the bedroom. She climbed onto the bed and well, I’ll let you visualize the mess that she brought with her…

Katie has learned how to climb onto the coffee table and then onto the television stand. We are going to have to come up with a solution to this problem. There is no way to get her to stop climbing (I’ve already looked into child straight jackets and they do not come in a color that will match her eyes), so perhaps the solution is to mount the television on the wall and take the television stand away..

1) Katie visited the WRAL gardens today.