Day #553 (Sun., July 10, 2011) – The Water Squirters

2011-07-10 - Katie At The Wheel
2011-07-10 - Katie At The Wheel

We loaded up the inflatable pool with 5 gallons of water this afternoon and jumped in. Katie loves to splash around in the pool. I got out the three water squirtersthat I picked up at the Dollar Store the other day. One of them was just Katie’s size, and it had quite the good squirting action on it, but she preferred to use mommy and daddy’s…which were adult size.

We went to the KidsTowne park in Apex this evening. It was so hot that my wife and I split a grape soda from a local machine…it was so good. Katie of course had her usual supply of juice. Katie didn’t spent much time in the sandbox this evening…but she sure did like the “bouncy” bridge between the various structures. In the photo to the right you can see her steering the wooden ship via the ship’s wheel…

During her bath this evening Katie figured out how to get the suction cup to fix onto the wall. In the past she has had problems peeling it off due to the suction, so I have been trying to show her how to get your fingernail under one side of it and peel it off. Today she got it.

1) Katie has learned to peel off a suction cup.