Day #555 (Tue., July 12, 2011) – Katie Meets A New Friend

2011-07-12 - Sunglasses For Katie
2011-07-12 - Sunglasses For Katie

Do you recall that I gave Katie a set of glasses yesterday from the Dollar Store? Well, you can see a photo of them to the right. They are just Katie’s size and she loves modeling them and showing them off to mommy.

Katie had 4 – #2’s today. She has been fussy all day…probably her stomach…perhaps due to all the broccoli she ate today.

This evening we decided that we would drive Katie around…that usually calms her down when she is fussy. We ended up at the community park in Apex…we haven’t been here in a while.

While Katie was organizing her various stones on the slide and swing a little boy wandered over to see us. We didn’t see his parents anywhere…but there were a number of people playing volleyball in a nearby court. He played with Katie for quite a while and I figured I had better figure out where his parents were. I wandered up to the volleyball court and asked a woman if this was her boy. She said “yes” and had that “what’s the big deal look in her eyes”. I said that I just wanted to be sure that his parents were nearby as we would be leaving soon.

Soon afterwards we saw the little boy coming back to see Katie…this time with a soccer ball. He kicked it and it went down the sidewalk and onto the car park. He was running after it and I chased after him…passed him…and retrieved the ball from the car parking area. As I was picking the ball up a car drove in…what if that boy had been allowed to wander into the parking area to retrieve the ball? Would that car driver have seen him?

When I went back up the hill the woman was strolling over to get her son. I “suggested” it might be a good idea for him to play with the ball away from where the cars were. She agreed (???). As we were packing up and leaving I saw her boy playing on the slides with some other kids while she was talking on her cell phone on the swings. She hardly looked at the boy and it seemed that he was a nuisance to her. What a shame…

1) Katie meets a new friend at the playground.