Day #591 (Wed., Aug 17, 2011) – Dancing In Yogurt

6:00am – I just put Katie to bed and it is quiet in the nursery. Looks like this attempt will take. She has been up since 3:00am. We put some stickers in the composition book, read a book, had 2+ sippy cups of milk. I gave her a bowl of cheerios but she was more interested in pouring them on daddy than eating them. The bowl of blueberries and cherries didn’t go over very well either…

2011-08-17 - Wheeled Toy
2011-08-17 - Wheeled Toy

Take a look at the “motorized toy” in the photo to the left. My wife got it at a recent consignment sale. You can interchange the various parts and make a car or a plane or a helicopter. Quite the toy actually.

Time to tackle the garage today. There is just so much “stuff” down there it is hard to figure out where to start. After about an hour or so I realized where all this additional “stuff” has come from. Katie’s toys and such. When you consider the baby bath, the old car seats, the jumperoo, the activity station, the bag of plastic balls, the plastic trike, (I guess you get the point by now) it is easy to see where all the free space in our garage has gone. The question is…what to do with them? We may need this in the future so it’s hard to sell it or throw it out, so we just have to figure out where to store it in the meantime.

I was thinking that it might be a good idea to put some hooks on the ceiling and hang these items from there. They are after all made from plastic, so they don’t weight that much. Having said that, it will be rather unsightly. The next option is to get some more storage racks. Sam’s Club has some chrome racks with adjustable shelves that might fit the bill. They are on wheels so we can wheel them around the garage if we need to get behind them. In addition the shelves will hold up to 300 lbs each…and plastic toys don’t weight anywhere near that. They are 18″ in depth so we could put one in front of the other to give extra depth. Let me think about this some more…

My wife and I were talking in the bedroom this evening and here came Katie with two little boxes that we had just purchased from Amazon. She is such a “hunter and gatherer”.

Katie is so fascinated with the things around her. I was using a corkscrew to get a cork out of a wine bottle this evening and my body was shielding her from what was happening. She quickly repositioned herself so that she could see what daddy was up to. I had a hard time convincing her that this “juice” was for daddy not baby…but that’s another story.

Katie wasn’t really eating her food in the high chair this evening so my wife let her down. When she came over to daddy’s plate in the living room and started to munch on the crumbs from my sandwich I thought it might be a good idea to bring her plate of berries and yogurt to my table. Bad idea. She dumped the berries out on the table and put the plate on the floor where she started to dance in the yogurt.

1am – Katie is finally out. Another early morning with chipmunk…

1) Katie put her plate of yogurt on the floor this evening and started to dance on it.