Day #614 (Fri., Sept 9, 2011) – The Radio Flyer Trike

Yesterday Katie stopped saying the word “patch”. She will now say “crayons” when she hands them to you and wants to do some coloring.

2011-09-09 - The Elmo Balloon
2011-09-09 - The Elmo Balloon

My wife and mother-in-law went to a consignment sale in Apex this evening. While they were out shopping I took Katie out for a run.

The photo to the left shows the Elmo Helium Balloon I got Katie yesterday.

My initial plans were to go to the gardens near NC State. On the way there a freight train came rushing by so of course we had to park our car at Cooper’s Furniture so Katie could get out of the car and take a look. It was a long train…and Katie loved it.

There was some sort of an accident near the gardens so I could not get in. As a result I decided I would go to the playground at Bond Park. The only problem is…Katie was sleeping when we arrived. I decided I had better drive the car a bit so Katie could get a nice nap, but as soon as we left Bond Park she started to cry and squeak. I thought she was up so I went back to Bond Park. Katie was still asleep…so off we went for another car ride. This time she napped and napped and I had a good long tour of the Preston area. Once we got home I took her out of the car and she was able to see a moon.

My wife showed me what she had got at the sale…a second-hand Radio Flyer Trike…like we have been wanting for so long but could not seem to find at any of the sales. We thought we might have to buy a new one…but now we don’t have to.

1) Katie finally got her Radio Flyer Trike today.