Day #626 (Wed., Sept 21, 2011) – Bazoongi Kids 55″ Junior Combo Trampoline and Enclosure

8:30am and Katie is up. She pretty much slept through the night except there was this constant sound of things dropping in the nursery. I thought it must be her throwing things over the crib…but there are not enough things in her crib to throw over to make all those sounds. My wife told me that Katie likes to stand up in the crib and land on her butt…that must be the sound I have been hearing.

2011-09-21 - New Jumperoo
2011-09-21 - New Jumperoo

This morning Katie was sitting next to me on the bed requesting her “train video” (over and over and over and over again) that I took on Saturday night. All of a sudden she put her big toe in her mouth and started to munch. I’m not sure if it was itchy or she was giving herself a pedicure…

I went to Apex today to get a storage rack for Katie’s toys that my wife found on Craigslist. Cost $25.00

We got our trampoline today (see photo to the right) and I spent the evening assembling it out on the patio. The official name is the Bazoongi Kids 55″ Junior Combo Trampoline and Enclosure. Here’s a link to it so you will know what it looks like. Before I had it up Katie was on it and bouncing around. It will hold up to 110 lbs, so she will be able to play on it for quite a while. She seems to love it. We are hoping that it will “tire” her out in the evenings so that we will be more willing to go to bed.

1) Katie got her new trampoline and a storage rack for her toys today.