Day #647 (Wed., Oct 12, 2011) – “Stickers Are Gone”

2011-10-12 - Telephone Booth
2011-10-12 - Telephone Booth

I thought I would post the photo to the left as Katie will probably not be able to see one of these much longer. It is a phone booth and they are gradually disappearing in favor of cell phones. This one is situated just outside the “Dragon Park”.

Katie has been very fussy and strange for the past 3 days. When I’m playing with her I can’t keep her attention on anything for more than a minute or so. It used to be she would get obsessed with something (i.e.: “patching”) and this is all she wanted to do. She has been eating cauliflower and broccoli for the past 3 days and this produces a lot of gas and discomfort. Wonder if this is the problem?

Katie said “Stickers Are Gone” this evening. This whole sentence…in this order.

Katie would not sleep this evening so we took her for a drive. We ended up roaming around Cary and looking at all the Halloween decorations. There don’t seem to be very many out…perhaps the economy has gotten all the people down…they don’t feel like partying.

1) Katie loves her cauliflower and broccoli.