Day #649 (Fri., Oct 14, 2011) – To Moe’s With Ramona

2011-10-14 - The Garbage Truck
2011-10-14 - The Garbage Truck

On Fridays Katie is often awoken by the sound of the garbage truck. The photo to the right shows the workers going about their business. Katie loves to sit at the window and “supervise”.

I stopped off at the Dollar Store today to pick up some wheat bread. Not for us, but for the duckies in the lake across the street. Katie likes to feed them and this is “cheap food”. I also picked her up an orange balloon (in honor of Halloween) at Harris Teeter.

This evening we decided that we would treat our babysitter Ramona to dinner at Moe’s. They recently opened up after some renovations. We got two free burritos for my wife and I, and treated Ramona to whatever she wanted. The new layout sure is nice…big and spacious and a party room in the back with a blackboard and chalk (Katie had her turn).

After Moe’s we took Ramona to a quick tour of Cary. We showed her where they will be having the “Haunted Halloween House” in a couple of weeks.

We got the hard drive for the bedroom TiVo unit via UPS this evening. Soon Katie will be able to watch Oswald in the bedroom.

1) Katie.