Day #655 (Thu., Oct 20, 2011) – Jam (with Toast)

Sometimes I make breakfast for us in the morning. This morning Katie was not interested in eating her egg, but she loved my wife’s toast…or should I say the jam on it to be more precise. She will carry it around the house and lick the jam off it. The end result is that she will have jam smeared all over her face. My wife said that she even found some smeared on her ear. We haven’t found the toast yet but I don’t think she ate it. No problem…it will show up at some point…probably when daddy steps on it…

2011-10-20 - Wooden Train
2011-10-20 - Wooden Train

Katie is still “into” trains as you can see by the photo to the right.

When I was a kid there were various type of Slinky toys available. One was a Slinky Train, in which the two halves of a train were joined to each end of a slinky. It was a pull toy, so you could pull it across the floor and the back half of the train would catch up with the front. I was thinking that I would get one of these for Katie, but they are no longer in production. Guess the world has passed toys like this behind in favor of video games and the like.

1) Katie loves to lick jam off of toast.