Day #657 (Sat., Oct 22, 2011) – Forgetting To Eat

Rough night for daddy. Katie kept making little noises throughout the night and I couldn’t sleep through all the chirps and squawks. At one point it sounded like she was choking…but she was fine. My wife told me that she does that sometimes.

2011-10-22 - Pumpkin Lantern
2011-10-22 - Pumpkin Lantern

When we put Katie into the high chair and put on the television and give her a meal she will sometimes get so enthralled in the show that she will forget to eat. This morning I reminded her and she laughed and started eating again…like she found it funny as well.

Katie enjoys the pumpkin lantern I got at the Dollar Store (see photo to the right). It takes one penlight battery and will glow in the dark. I’ve attached it to our livingroom overhead fan so it will twirl around as well.

My wife and I drove out to Chapel Hill to check out the dissertation conference room and get haircuts so we left Katie with Christina, the baby sitter. On the way home we stopped off at Sam’s Club for some supplies. We got another package of floor mats and even found a tiny watermelon for Katie. Katie misses watermelon and when we got home she sure gobbled a lot of it up…

1) Katie enjoys the pumpkin lantern.