Day #659 (Mon., Oct 24, 2011) – Spilt Milk

2011-10-24 - Small Pumpkin
2011-10-24 - Small Pumpkin

I went to Trader Joe’s today to get Katie some goat’s milk. We happened to get one carton that was sour so I mentioned it to them and they gave me a brand new carton. I also got Katie a very small pumpkin (see photo to the right). This one is much harder on the inside so it will not break when she throws it on the ground.

Katie was watching her Tele-Tubbies video this evening and when it was over she turned to me and said “More Tubbies”. Time for daddy to hit the “play” button. She loves the part where they slide down the slide…she will laugh and laugh almost uncontrollably.

Katie was balancing on her dollhouse this evening and pouring her juice all over the floor. The mess is quite enough but at least it is not milk. At close to $5.00 per quart goat’s milk is way to expensive for stunts like this.

1) Katie enjoys turning her sippy cup upside down and pouring the contents all over the floor.