Day #50 (Mon., Feb. 22, 2010) – The Plush Bug

Little Katie is sleeping in the bouncy seat as I write this. She is dressed in her striped pink onsie today, and looks like a prison inmate. They used to dress convicts in white outfits with black stripes years ago, at least that’s how they were depicted on television shows.

2010-02-22 - The Plush Bug
2010-02-22 - The Plush Bug

My wife is trying to catch a bit of sleep in the other room. Sometimes little Katie starts making all these sounds when she is sleeping and it’s hard to fall asleep yourself. She started crying a few moments ago, so I changed her, and am now desperately in the process of trying to distract her so that my wife can catch a bit more sleep. She is starting to “mouth”, so I know that she is going to be wanting her feeding soon.

There is this big plush “bug” that she seems to like. I notice that she likes the eyes, and will follow them around the room.

My wife just left to go to the kitchen. When this happens little Katie has this concerned little look on her face… When will the milk truck return?

1) Little Katie loves her big plush “bug”…