Day #699 (Sat., Dec 3, 2011) – The WRAL Tower

Katie got into my wife’s jewelry this morning. My wife said that this was her favorite thing to play with when she was growing up so I guess Katie is just continuing on the tradition.

2011-12-03 - WRAL Tower
2011-12-03 - WRAL Tower

This afternoon we had another Skype Session with my mother. Katie has been taking turns bringing us the paper hole punch and trying to put it in our mouths. She took it up to my mother on the computer screen and tried to do the same.

This evening we went to see the WRAL Tower in Raleigh. They have all 300 feet of it decked with Christmas lights. Katie was fascinated it but it came second fiddle to her favorite activity…picking up stones and throwing them into the fountain. We were able to stop her most of the time but you have to keep your eye on her.

There was a “Lion Fountain” outside the WRAL office that Katie was intrigued with.

On the way home I was hungry. I wasn’t hungry when we started out this evening but I was starving by the time we headed home. We stopped off at Bojangles restaurant and I got a Grilled Chicken Sandwich. We were thinking of getting something for Katie but we decided that she could have some of my sandwich. She loved it… Definitely something to keep in mind if we are out and about and need to get something for her to eat.

The last stop before we went home was to see our neighbor’s display on Hawks Nest. This time the owner and his wife came out to see us. She was smoking like crazy so my wife tried to get Katie away from her. I asked her where she got her Christmas decorations and she said she got them from numerous sources. I guess one guy who was going through a divorce sold her a nativity scene for practically nothing…she said she thought he committed suicide recently. Tragic…

Soon her husband arrived on the scene and we chatted quite a bit about Christmas. He told me that his parents didn’t want to have any plastic ornaments when he was growing up. They said that he could decorate his house that way when he got older…and he did. He said that nobody in this area has as much “plastic” as he has…I would tend to agree with him. He also added that the three best places to see lots of Christmas decorations is (1) His place, (2) Penny Road, (3) Highway #55 & High House. I wonder if he knows about the place off Warren Avenue near downtown Cary?

As we were leaving he let Katie touch his beard. He said that he lets it grow out during the winter months. He sure looks like a Santa. As we were leaving he told us to be sure to set aside December 23rd and 24th. Santa will appear at his place between 6:30pm – 8:30pm and will hand out candy canes to the kiddies.

This evening Katie wanted to “patch” in the little notebook I carry around in my pants pocket to make lists and take notes. She would draw in it with a blue crayon and then pass it to me and say “daddy patch”.

1) Katie got to see the WRAL Tower this evening.