Day #715 (Mon., Dec 19, 2011) – Flowers From Mom And Sis

My wife got some flowers from my mother and sister today. A graduation present for all her hard work in getting her PhD. We currently have them on the table downstairs so that they will last longer. Not from age mind you…but from the prying hands of our roaming chipmunk…

2011-12-19 - Gift For Katie
2011-12-19 - Gift For Katie

We saw a special on “60 Minutes” last night where vacant homes are being demolished in Cleveland.

The photo to the right shows a gift that our friends in Charlotte gave Katie. It can be a play toy or a pillow depending upon the configuration.

We are forever trying to find ways to clean up the place. If Katie is around she will disorganize whatever you have just organized so you need a distraction. This evening I found the perfect thing…put “Curious George” on the television. While it was on Katie was mesmerized and I was able to pick up all her toys and put them in the various storage containers. How long they will stay that way once “Curious George” goes off the air remains to be seen…

Katie wanted my wife and I to join her on her toy table and chair set near the window while we “patched” and played with various plastic animals. She wants to include both of us in activities these days including dancing.

This evening we had a Skype session with my mother to thank her and my sister for the lovely flowers they sent. We are planning on having a Skype session later on in the week when Katie opens her Christmas gifts…but the exact time is known only to Katie.

1) I learned a method to clean the house when Katie is around.