Day #714 (Sun., Dec 18, 2011) – PhD in BioStatistics

My wife graduated with her PhD in BioStatistics today. Ramona met us at our house and we bundled up Katie and all drove out to UNC in my car.

2011-12-18 - Graduation Day
2011-12-18 - Graduation Day

We dropped my wife off at the door and Ramona and I took Katie into the basketball stadium to get a seat (see photo to the right). I’m sure glad that Ramona was there…she took care of Katie for quite a bit of the time. Without her I would not have been able to get some great videos of my wife as she got her degree. We offered to pay her for her services (she was our babysitter after all) but she declined. I jokingly said that she could have an extra desert to take home with her if she wanted.

Our friends from Charlotte drove up to see my wife graduate. After taking lots of pictures of the graduate we all assembled at Weaver Street Market in Southern Village for a post graduation meal. I was very happy that they let me pay for it. A wide selection of healthy salads and such with some pumpkin latte coffee to boot.

Katie’s favorite part of the meal was the free samples of vanilla cake. Whenever she got the chance she would run over to the lady who was offering them and sneak another tasty treat. I had to go and gather her up on more than one occasion. Eventually she became too fussy so I took her out to the car to watch a bit of Mary Poppins on the DVD while the others finished their meal.

On the drive back to Cary Katie fell asleep in the back seat of the car. In order that she got an hour of nap time in we drove Ramona around the neighborhood to see all the Christmas decorations. She couldn’t believe her eyes…especially the guy who has “the most plastic” in this area.

When we got home my wife unwrapped the graduation gift that I got for her. It was a burgundy colored personalized pen set. I wasn’t exactly sure what she wanted to have engraved on the label so the lady at the store said I could bring it in afterwards. We will probably do that this week.

1) Katie got to see her mother graduate with a PhD in BioStatistics today.