Day #722 (Mon., Dec 26, 2011) – Hi Doggie Woof Woof

As I was driving Katie home from the park near Lochmere this afternoon she was very chatty. A car with a dog drove past us and Katie saw it. She said “Hi Doggie Woof Woof” and then started to laugh. She was also saying “Medicine Go Down” from the Mary Poppins DVD.

2011-12-26 - Rub On Flowers
2011-12-26 - Rub On Flowers

This afternoon, while Katie slept, I drove around town to take care of errands. I checked out the various paints and wood trim at Home Depot…I am going to be building a doll crib and I wanted to see what was available. I then went to Target where I picked up the “next smallest size” of TuTu for Katie and some baby laundry detergent as well. At Michaels I got some foam for the baby crib mattress and some flower stencils (see photo to the left) that will look real nice on the headboard.

This evening our old babysitter Christina came over to see us. She brought gifts for Katie…stickers and a hat and mittens and some flash cards. Katie loved seeing her again and prompted all of us to sit at the dining room table and have tea. Every so often I would retire to the living room to sit on my LazyBoy but Katie would come and get me.

A friend from a previous job called me this evening and we tried to chat but Katie was crying and having nothing to do with it. After I put “Curious George” on television she calmed down. After a nice long chat Katie got fussy again and I had to end the conversation to tend to her.

1) Katie wanted everyone to sit at the dining room table this evening.