Day #733 (Fri., Jan. 6, 2012) – Katie’s First Playgroup

2012-01-06 - Hi Guinea Pig
2012-01-06 - Hi Guinea Pig

Katie attended her first playgroup at Briarcliff Elementary School in Cary this morning. We had to wake her up to be there at 8:30am and she refused to eat so she was not too happy. In addition she was the youngest person in the class so she was not used to sitting down and letting a teacher direct her moves. So…it was a bit frustrating for all three of us…but she will learn to adapt. There was playtime in a tub of water, some painting with potatoes and story time as well. Oh, and there was a guinea pig in the room next door (see photo to the right).

After class we went to see Katie’s doctor. Katie is progressing along nicely but the doctor wants us to keep on top of Katie’s eczema. She gave us a prescription for some cream and told us to apply it twice a day. If we don’t see an improvement in a couple of weeks we are to call her so that we can set up an allergy test.

I picked up Katie’s eczema cream at the pharmacist this afternoon. Let the process begin.

Katie has been taking the paper wrapper off her crayons. This means that they melt in her hands as she holds them and when she touches anything the crayon gets transferred. Right now she is running around with black crayon “war paint” on her face. Guess who will need a bath tonight…

1) Katie got a prescription for eczema cream today.