Day #734 (Sat., Jan. 7, 2012) – Winter At The Zoo?

Kind of a last minute decision but the weather was so nice today we decided that we would take a trip to the Asheville Zoo. So, as soon as Katie got up this morning we got her ready and we were off…

We had lunch at the Golden Corral at Asheville and there was almost nobody there. That’s always nice…especially if Katie decides to get fussy. On the contrary Katie was very well behaved. My wife wanted me to get some fresh grilled Tilapia for her and Katie but they changed their menu and they don’t start this service til 4pm. As a result I got them some butter herb fish and that was a hit as well. Katie loved the fish…but I think she loved the assortment of beans even more. Katie even had some lima beans…something that most kids definitely don’t like.

2012-01-07 - Katie And The Chipmanzees
2012-01-07 - Katie And The Chipmanzees

We decided that we would see the Africa exhibit today so as soon as we got through the entrance we took the tram to see all the lions and zebras and elephants. Katie loved to see the animals but I think she loved the tram ride and running around the zoo even more. While in the chimpanzee exhibit (see photo to the left) and the aviary especially it was hard to keep up with her.

What a great day to go to the zoo. Lovely warm weather (for January) with a crispness in the air. The air was fresh and the zoo was relatively empty. We were saying that this was our best trip to the zoo yet.

We are surprised that Katie is still up and running so late since she had such an active day. Anyway, I let my wife go to bed while I kept the monitor and looked after Katie. I had a football game on tv to watch so I was going to be up at any rate. Of course Katie wanted to change the channel to Caillou but I snuggled her on my lap and explained the football rules to her. She seemed quite interested in what I was saying…at least she didn’t get upset that Caillou was not on…

1) Katie loved running around at the Asheville Zoo today.