Day #739 (Thu., Jan. 12, 2012) – Tickle Tickle !

2012-01-12 - Card From Dance Class
2012-01-12 - Card From Dance Class

I awoke this morning to Katie tickling my feet and saying “Tickle Tickle”. She soon said “Gnch Cis Mas” which roughly translated means “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” so I put that on the tv for her. It’s amazing how much this kid knows.

Another television show that Katie likes is “Wow Wow Wubbzy”. Lots of action and sound in that little cartoon.

We got a birthday card for Katie from the dance class (see photo to the right). It has a frog on it…and Katie is into frogs these days…

Katie loves her baths but she really doesn’t like the part at the end where we wash her hair. Usually it takes my wife and I. My wife will hold Katie’s head and cover her eyes to make sure soap doesn’t get into her eyes. I will man the shower head and wash the soap off. Tonight, for the very first time, Katie put her head back and closed her eyes and didn’t make a fuss. She let us wash the soap off her hair…and only then did she fuss a bit.

Katie has been acting funny all day and tonight is no different. She was watching cartoons with me in the bedroom when she suddenly put her head on the pillow and said “Sheep” (her version of “Sleep”). I told my wife and she put her to bed no problem. 7:45pm!

1) Katie got a birthday card from her dance class today.