Day #738 (Wed., Jan. 11, 2012) – Crocodile Gonna Get Ya

When Katie goes to bed we try to make sure that she has plenty of pacifiers in the crib. In this way, once she wakes up, she will surely find one of them…and then hopefully go back to bed.

2012-01-11 - My Domain
2012-01-11 - My Domain

The photo to the right shows what is left of “my domain”…the top of the filing cabinet. It seems that Katie can get into almost anything else she wants these days so this is where I put my wallet, keys, etc…anything that I can’t afford to “go missing”.

We are happy to report that Katie’s eczema is so much better. That cream that the doctor prescribed to us last week sure did the job.

Katie likes it when I pretend that I’m a crocodile and am about to get her. I will say “Crocodile gonna get ya” and grab her in the stomach. She will run down the hall squealing til daddy catches her.

Katie wants to wash her hands in the toilet so we have to make sure that the bathroom doors are closed.

1) Katie’s eczema is so much better these days.