Day #748 (Sat., Jan. 21, 2012) – Our Sick Chipmunk

2012-01-21 - Katie Sick
2012-01-21 - Katie Sick

Rainy and miserable outside today. No park or running around outside for Katie today. We did have a Skype session with my mother.

Katie has been crying and fussy at various times throughout the day but this evening we saw what the problem was. She was sick (see photo to the right). Her temperature shot up and she would cry and cry. We learned our lesson by this stage of the game…there is no need of both of us staying up hoping she will sleep. I let my wife go to bed and I took the baby monitor and said I would take care of Katie.

At 8:30pm, about 30 minutes after my wife went to bed I tried to put Katie to sleep. She dozed off for a few minutes but after about 5 minutes she woke up and started crying like mad. I went to pick her up and tried to calm her down. As I changed her I felt her tummy and she was burning up. I took her temperature but it was under 100 degrees so she’s still not in a danger zone just yet.

I decided that the best thing might be to watch Caillou in the living room while I rocked Katie in the LazyBoy. I had a couple of cold damp facecloths nearby as I’ve always like the “cool” feel of them on my forehead when I was sick. Katie was having no part of it and would swat it away anytime it came close. This worked for a while but eventually she got restless and started to cry.

The next step was to take her into the bedroom and watch a bit of television from there. I put on Oswald (which has been somewhat of a secret weapon to calm Katie down for quite a while now). I snuggled her into the bed with some pillows under her and she sat back and watched Oswald and started to calm down. Her eyes got heavy and she managed to doze off for a bit. When she heard the train go by outside she even made a comment about it…as sick as she was.

10:15pm – I just put Katie to bed. Let’s hope she gets at least a bit of rest. Since she is sick I suspect she will be up at least sometime in the middle of the night.

1) Katie has a fever and is sick today.