Day #749 (Sun., Jan. 22, 2012) – Feeling Much Better

Katie squeaked and cried out for most of the night after I put her to bed. Eventually my wife woke up and took over the monitoring duties of Katie. I awoke in the morning to the sound of laughing and playing and the pitter patter of tiny little feet. Our Katie is back to her normal self again.

2012-01-22 - Sitting Wooden Teddy
2012-01-22 - Sitting Wooden Teddy

I never saw anything like this before. How could a child who was so sick last night feel so good this morning? The strength of being a child I suppose…

My wife went to a consignment sale today so I took to tending to Katie. She was content to watch television and “patch” and play with her wooden teddy bear puzzle for the most part. I did show her how you could join the three pieces of a bear together via her stickers and then sit them down on her chair (see photo to the left).

Katie definitely knows what the remote control is for. She didn’t like daddy watching football this evening so she would try to get ahold of the remote whenever she could. She would rush it to momma (while looking back at me to see my reaction) in hopes that she would change it to Caillou or “anything else”. When my wife gives it back to me Katie will sometimes cry out in frustration. Didn’t really work out like she intended.

I tended to Katie this evening while my wife went to bed. It was hard to put Katie to bed…she is not feeling well again. Every time I put her to bed she cries and cries til I come get her. Eventually I sat her in the bed next to me and she watched “Little Bear” til she nodded off. She has the sniffles this evening so this cold/flu or “whatever” is not done just yet…

1) Katie is feeling much better but still has a bit of the cold/flu or “whatever”.