Day #755 (Sat., Jan. 28, 2012) – Sleeping Blanket In The Mouth

2012-01-28 - Blanket In Mouth
2012-01-28 - Blanket In Mouth

We tried to do a Skype with my mother this morning but for some reason she couldn’t connect. We talked on the phone instead. I tried to get Katie to say hello to grandma but she was having too much fun getting into “everything and anything”.

Katie was running around with her sleeping blanket in her mouth this morning (see photo to the left). Not sure what that is all about…perhaps she is teething. At any rate when I asked her why she just stared at me. I decided that I would put a sleeping blanket in my mouth and run up and down the hallway. Katie thought this was great fun and ran after me with her sleeping blanket in her mouth. Soon we had quite the parade going…first with the sleeping blanket in our mouths, then around our necks, then on our heads. Katie even gave my wife a sleeping blanket so she could join in.

My wife took Katie to the park this afternoon so I could put the finishing touches on the baby doll crib. It’s taking a while for a finished product on this but it will sure be nice. I sanded it down and put some filler in some of the holes. Plan to sand it down again this evening and put some primer on it. A few coats of spray paint and afix the flower and that will be it. My wife called me when she was done her walk and I picked her and Katie up at the swimming pool area in our community.

1) Katie was running around with her sleeping sack in her mouth today.