Day #763 (Sun., Feb. 5, 2012) – Katie’s Third SuperBowl

Katie slept in this morning (surprise, surprise after last night). As such I took her to the park pretty well as soon as she got up. We went to the park near Lochmere as when I take her on the weekends is pretty well the only times she gets there anymore…

My wife dressed her up in her yellow rain outfit as it rained last night and she will probably want to splash about. She did splash in the puddles, but not as much as you would think. She did her stint in the swings and the slides and the sandbox. She was running and all of a sudden stopped and bent down and picked something up and threw it in the little puddle. It was a silver angel charm for a charm bracelet.

2012-02-05 - Silver Angel
2012-02-05 - Silver Angel

Take a look at the photo to the right. I have superimposed in the little yellow square what Katie saw as opposed to what I saw in the viewfinder of the camera. This girl sure has an amazing set of eyes on her.

Katie was amazingly good all the time we were at the park. As soon as I opened the front door and started to take her upstairs it was tantrum city. She wouldn’t calm down and go to bed til later in the afternoon. Eventually we put her to bed…but not after quite a few rounds of Play Doh and Little Bear and “Patching”…

SuperBowl started at 6:30pm tonight. Katie wasn’t too interested in it (I will have to work on her). She did leave daddy’s remote alone which is something.

1) Katie found a little silver angel charm in the park today.