Day #783 (Sat., Feb. 25, 2012) – Chapel Hill House Hunting

When Katie got up around 10am this morning we packed her up and took off for Chapel Hill around 11am. House Hunting Season has begun. My wife created a great map of all the houses we were planning to see. After seeing all these houses we planned on stopping by her PhD adviser’s house to see her place and get some advice on the neighborhood. This was the plan…

Unfortunately Katie got car sick on the way over to Chapel Hill so we had to adjust our plans a bit. We stopped off at Anastasia’s house first to clean Katie up. Katie’s sleeping sack got the worst of the exchange so we had to put it in the trunk of the car to contain the smell. We were going to miss this sleeping sack later in the trip as Katie would cry out for it…

We loved Anastasia’s house and were impressed with the size of the lot, the improvements they made, and the skylights in the roof. We would like to find a similar house to live in. We will see…

The first house we really investigated was on Cedar Street. It was on a huge lot, but a lot of it was on the side of a hill so more of a great view than land that could be used for building. We met the neighbor and she gave us the “low down” on the neighborhood. We liked the fact that most of the people lived there for years and years and the dead end street meant less traffic.

2012-02-25 - Deer
2012-02-25 - Deer

After visiting a number of other houses around Eastwood Lake we got more of an idea of what we would be dealing with in the various neighborhoods. One house we looked at was rather “unkempt” and a couple of deer (see photo to the left) had camped out in the backyard. After taking another quick look around Anastasia’s neighborhood we headed for home.

We were all tired when we got home but Katie wanted a bath. We did a Skype with my mother. Katie actually said “Hi Grandma” which my mother loved. She then asked me “Can I push this button”. I said no, that will shut the phone off.

This evening Katie was up and running and dancing around to various videos that we found on YouTube. She managed to color the various sections of the mat that we are planning to put under her easel to catch the flying paint.

1) Katie got to see Anastasia’s house today.