Day #784 (Sun., Feb. 26, 2012) – Grape Tomatoes

Katie got up late this morning. Considering she went to bed late it’s no wonder.

I took Katie to the playground near Lochmere at 11am this morning. We stayed til 12:15pm and she played on the swings and in the sandbox. She didn’t really seem interested in the slide or collecting acorns this time. When we got home she had a little lunch then went to bed for her nap (3.5 hours this time).

2012-02-26-Grape-TomatoesI went to the grocery store and got some organic grape tomatoes for her as they were a real hit when we were at Anastasia’s yesterday. When she got up from her nap she went to them with real gusto. There are only 2-3 left in the whole package now. I should add that she loves to bit into them and suck out the contents and leave the residue in the bowl (see photo to the right). At least daddy won’t have to worry about stepping on them in the middle of the night.

Katie picked up the phone this evening and pretended that she was calling grandma. why grandma? She said so.

1) Katie sure loves her grape tomatoes.