Day #793 (Tue., Mar. 6, 2012) – “See You Soon”

2012-03-06 - New Boots
2012-03-06 - New Boots

Katie has new boots. You can see them in the photo to the left.

I dropped off our house loan application at Harrington Bank on the way to work this morning. I guess you could say that all that hard work last night paid off.

Katie didn’t get up til late this morning so no dance class. She did spend 2 hours at Bond Park today so she got some exercise.

Katie was having a bowl of soup when I arrived home from work. I guess they were having soup on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so Katie ran out to my wife in the kitchen and said “I Want Soup”.

My wife tells me that as Ramona our babysitter was leaving today Katie said to her “See You Soon”.

My wife had a headache so she went to bed early. I”m tending to Katie right now. She is watching “Team Umizoomi”.

Katie and I were playing “catch” on the bed this evening when she threw the ball right at me and hit me in the face. That girl has some incredible arm and aim. Later on, while she was watching television, I kept hitting her in the back with the ball and she didn’t even budge. When she is interested in television she just “zones out”. I’m reminded of all the times my teachers used to write on my report card that I had a “tendency to daydream”. Daddy’s chipmunk as my wife would say…

1) Katie said “I Want Soup” today.