Day #792 (Mon., Mar. 5, 2012) – The House Loan

2012-03-05 - New Pants
2012-03-05 - New Pants

I don’t think I’ve been highlighting some of the new clothes that Katie has gotten as of late. The photo to the left shows a collection of her new pants.

Katie insisted that I feed her some cereal from my cereal bowl this evening. She seems to really like it when it has been soaked in milk. I would put one of the pieces in front of her face and she would open her mouth and let me put it in.

This evening my wife and I spent a lot of time filling out our house loan application. I don’t think I ever put my signature and date so many times on any document in my entire life…glad that is over.

While my wife printed out the loan application downstairs I entertained Katie. We spent a lot of time looking at YouTube videos on the big screen television in the living room. We found a video of a 4 year old girl who was taking ballet. It was funny to see Katie try to act out all the various moves. We then played the 1960 Slinky commercial…Katie really likes that one. We ended up looking at TeleTubby videos.

The bank needs our tax returns but for some reason we could not locate my 2009 tax return. I sent an email to our accountant and he was able to forward me his copy.

1) Katie loves that 1960 Slinky Commercial.