Day #800 (Tue., Mar. 13, 2012) – “I Go Park”

2012-03-13 - New Hat
2012-03-13 - New Hat

My wife is always on the lookout for a good hat for Katie. She doesn’t want her to get overexposed when she goes outside to the park. The photo to the left shows her latest acquisition.

Ramona took Katie to the dance class this morning but she didn’t really want to be there. She asked to go home so Ramona took her home. It’s funny…one of her favorite activities is dancing but she doesn’t seem to like that class for some reason. We’re wondering if it is because the music is so loud? I suggested that my wife find a yoga class for kids…that is so much more tranquil.

I met my wife at Ron the Mechanics house so that she could get her car fixed. Katie was in tow so she got to meet Ron. She played shy at first but as I was putting her in the Camry for the drive back home she said “Bye Ron”.

Katie said that she wanted some white paint to paint with this evening so she is recognizing her colors these days.

Katie was sitting on my lap this evening while we watched the news. I asked her to tell me what she did today and she said “I Go Park”…

1) I asked Katie what she did today and she said “I Go Park”.