Day #804 (Sat., Mar. 17, 2012) – Katie’s First Ice Cream

I’m 1/2 half Irish so I guess that makes Katie 1/4 Irish. Happy St. Patrick’s Day Katie!

My wife went to a sale this morning so I took care of Katie. I made her a fried egg that she barely noticed…but I had a hard time keeping the cherry tomatoes on the plate. Katie sure loves her vegetables. The other day she ate almost all my broccoli.

8:10am – Katie is watching “Clifford The Big Red Dog” courtesy of PBS on television right now. She really likes some shows and could care less for others. She likes this one…

This afternoon we bundled up Katie and took her to Pullen Park. We stopped off at Ben & Jerry’s for an ice cream first. This is the first time that Katie has tasted ice cream.

2012-03-17 - Katie And The Carousel
2012-03-17 - Katie And The Carousel

At Pullen Park we went on the train once and the carousel (see photo to the left) twice. There was no parking so we had to park down the road and walked to the park and then back to the car when it was time to leave.

I was beat when I got home. I told my wife that since were were both tired one of us should sleep in case Katie decided she wanted a late night. I told her to wake me up if she couldn’t take it any more and went to the bedroom to rest my eyes. That was the last thing I remembered…I got up at 11pm and everything in the house was quiet…

1) Katie tasted her first ice cream today.