Day #805 (Sun., Mar. 18, 2012) – Reversing The Car Seat

2012-03-18 - Play Doh Caterpillar
2012-03-18 - Play Doh Caterpillar

I was playing with Katie and the Play Doh this morning when Katie all of a sudden carefully looked at the piece of blue Play Doh shown in the photo to the right and blurted out “Caterpillar”. I guess that the jagged edges on the bottom of the piece looked like a caterpillar to her.

Our little Katie has reached another milestone. She has outgrown her car seat…at least as far as “backward facing” goes. Her legs are so long now that she cannot comfortably sit in the seat without bending them or moving them to the side (they run into the backseat of the car). Yesterday as we were driving back from Pullen Park we noticed that one of her sandals was on the shelf beneath the car backseat window. She had kicked it up there!

So, the only solution is to have the car seat turned around. I went to visit the firemen at the Firehouse in Morrisville and they helped me to switch it around. The car needed a good carwash so I stopped by Bunkey’s Car Wash beforehand. They thought that the shoulder straps attachment was too loose but after looking online at the baby seat manual they saw that this was the way that it had to be. It’s nice to get that done.

On the way home I stopped off at the Dollar Store. My wife need some miracle erasers but I also needed supplies to help polish my car. While there I got some items for Katie. I picked up a nice jar with a felt “bunny head”…it will make a great Easter gift for her. I also picked up some little plastic eggs to hold treats in (also for Easter). Oh, and one more thing…a little clipboard and some paper inserts. I think Katie will like putting the paper in place and drawing on it.

1) We turned the car seat around in the Camry as Katie is getting too big.