Day #817 (Fri., Mar. 30, 2012) – Making Big Bubbles

This morning as I was leaving for work I went into great detail on what Katie would see today as Ramona was taking her to a little farm. I mentioned the cows and the horses and the chickens. I got her so worked up that when I said “Good-Bye” to leave for work Katie got on the floor and started to bawl. I guess she thought I was leaving and letting her down and Ramona would have to take up the slack.

2012-03-30 - Big BubbleI found out the technique to create a bubble almost every time you try. The key is to pull up on the wand when you want the bubble to separate from it. I used this technique a number of times with great results (see photo to the right).

This evening I started to play some French videos for Katie. One was a French version of “Three Little Pigs”. My wife said that perhaps we should teach Katie French as she might be going to McGill University in Montreal one day. French would help in Montreal but it is certainly not necessary.

1) I figured out how to create big bubbles for Katie.