Day #818 (Sat., Mar. 31, 2012) – Katie’s First Movie

My wife wanted to pack today so I took care of Katie. I thought we would start off by going to the “cheapie theatre” to see a movie. After we move to Chapel Hill it will be much more inconvenient to get there. I’ve been wanting to take Katie to her first movie for a while now.

2012-03-31 - Scary BallWe went to see “Alvin And The Chipmunks 3 – Shipwrecked”. Katie insisted on taking her sleeping sack and pacifier along. I decided that we would camp out at the back of the theater near the door in case she got scared of the dark. She was entertained by the movie but at one point a basketball with a scary face appeared and Katie started to say “Scary Ball” (perhaps the painting she did in the photo to the right is her rendition of that ball?). I asked her if she wanted to go home but she didn’t respond. Just before the movie was over she said “Let’s go home”, so we left.

When we got in the car I asked Katie if she really wanted to go home or would she rather go to the park. She said “Go park”…so we ended up just down the street at the NC State gardens. Katie spent most of the time looking at (and trying to catch) the goldfish. Eventually we were both tired and headed for home.

1) I took Katie to her first movie today.