Day #821 (Tue., Apr. 3, 2012) – The House Closing

I took today off work as we are closing on the house this afternoon (hopefully). I spent the morning putting tools that I will need into the Camry so we will be able to start ripping up the carpet in the kitchen as soon as the house is ours. I also created an online spreadsheet of “tasks to be done” so that we will be able to keep track of what needs to be done, how long we have spent on it, and how much money we have spent as well.

2012-04-03 - Up Comes The Carpet
2012-04-03 - Up Comes The Carpet

We closed on the house at 1:30pm and by 3:00pm we were in our new house ripping up the carpet in the kitchen (yes, you read that right…the kitchen…see photo to the right). There is plywood underneath so it will need some portland cement to flatten then a bit of primer before I can put down the tiles. Just before we left the old owners stopped by to say “hi”. They would like to meet Katie so we will have them over some evening.

We asked Ramona if she could work late this evening and she agreed. We got home just after 6pm both her and Katie were there. Katie was perched on my LazyBoy watching a cartoon so she didn’t greet me at the door like she often does these days.

Once Ramona left Katie went into a bit of a tantrum. Not sure why but she seems to do this around 6pm each evening. My wife read that toddlers will often do that around their mothers as they feel more secure around them.

I went to bed early this evening as all that ripping of carpet (plus the dust) was too much for me. My wife had energy so she stayed up with Katie. I told her to wake me if Katie wouldn’t go to bed and she couldn’t stay up any longer.

1) We closed on Katie’s new house today.