Day #826 (Sun., Apr. 8, 2012) – Easter Gifts

I spent the wee hours of Easter morning taking up the underlayment of the carpet area in the basement of our new house. What a job. That oscillating tool I got a few months back was a lifesaver. It would have been a lot more painful without it.

The guy from AT&T stopped by. He wanted to make sure everything on the outside of the house is in order for our AT&T UVerse and cable installation on the inside of the house tomorrow.

I drove back home around 1pm. Katie was still up so we broke out the Easter gifts. A little bunny bottle that I stored Katie’s dice (the ones I got her a few days ago) in. She still loves the game “Snake Eyes” (what I call it) where I roll the dice in a bottle and throw them on the bed. We also got her a package of plastic Easter eggs that she can use to store things in. They were a bit hit last year but I’m not sure if she has outgrown them or not. I thought I had better get them just in case as once Easter is over they are almost impossible to get.

2012-04-08 - Bat
2012-04-08 - Bat

I was taking the air conditioners off the windows this evening and guess what was behind the one in Katie’s room? A bat (see photo to the right). He had obviously found a nice warm and dark place to spend his daylight hours. When I poked him with a screwdriver to see if he was alive he growled at me and then flew away.

1) There was a bat under the air conditioner in Katie’s room.