Day #827 (Mon., Apr. 9, 2012) – Moving Day Has Arrived

2012-04-09 - Yellow Hands
2012-04-09 - Yellow Hands

The movers came just after 8am today. I’m suffering from a cold so I was not 100% I’m afraid. We noticed that Katie had yellow hands (see photo to the left). Thinking she was sick we quickly investigated further til we realized that it was yellow paint…

Ramona came to our old house in Cary and picked up Katie and drove her to our new place in Chapel Hill. Once I was sure that the movers had a handle on moving the old house I drove out to our new house in Chapel Hill as well while my wife stayed behind and cleaned up a bit.

Katie hasn’t totally realized that she has a new house. She kept asking Ramona “Let’s Go Home”. We kept telling her that this is her new home…but I don’t think she gets the concept just yet.

With all the moving and festivities Katie really didn’t get her naps. She did sleep for about an hour in the playpen on the deck of our new house, but that was not quite enough for her.

This evening, after the guy from AT&T installed internet and cable tv for us, my wife found some of Katie’s favorites like Wow Wow Wuzzby and Team Umazoomi. Once she saw these familiar favorites she calmed down quite a bit. A busy day for Katie…she eventually went to bed aroumd 9pm.

Welcome to your new home Katie!

1) Katie has effectively moved to her new home as of today.