Day #832 (Sat., Apr. 14, 2012) – Ketchup + Milk + Juice

We had a Skype session with my mother this morning in which we took the laptop through the various rooms of the house and showed her the layout. Katie was eating one of her favorite meals…a dish of ketchup. Later in the day she decided that she would mix this with some milk and some juice and while we were grossed out, she seemed to like it. Yeech…

2012-04-14 - Chasing Bubbles
2012-04-14 - Chasing Bubbles

We ordered another pizza from Papa John’s this morning. We all like pizza…even Katie. I do think that Katie likes the sound of the word “pizza” more than the actual thing though…

My wife ordered a bubble machine from Amazon and we finally got the opportunity to try it out. You can see Katie chasing the bubbles in the photo to the right.

Katie is going to be a real handful in this new house. She constantly wants to go out for a walk but since it opens up right into a huge patio area which in turn opens up into the street we have to keep our eyes on her. I think that the best bet might be to install a gate at the end of the patio where it meets the area where our garage will be. This does two things:

  • We can open the patio door and Katie can roam around outside on that area and do all her messy stuff like painting and blowing bubbles.
  • We can put the grill just outside this area so that Katie will not be able to get near it and possibly get burned.

1) Katie loves to eat a dish of ketchup.