Day #833 (Sun., Apr. 15, 2012) – The Spinning Tops

Katie was pouring her milk on the tv stand and licking it this morning. At least it is one step up from licking jam off of toast on the floor.

2012-04-15 - Spinning Tops
2012-04-15 – Spinning Tops
Katie was very fussy this morning and would not go to bed. I told my wife to go to Trader Joe’s and I would take care of her. I went to the car and got a package of tops (see photo to the left) that I picked up at the Dollar Store the other day. I find that one of the best things you can get Katie is a $1 gift from the party section (like the bag of metals I got her the other day). The intention is that you buy a whole bag of these little toys as gifts for the children when you have a birthday party. Not only does she enjoy the individual toys by themselves, since there is a whole assortment of them she can have extra fun sorting and organizing.

Well we played with the tops for a while and then I said that she could take them to bed with her. She put up a bit of a fuss, but not much. 10:36am and she is sound asleep…

This afternoon Katie stepped up on all the various stumps and rocks in our backyard and proclaimed “Welcome To The Show”…just like they do on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

1) I got Katie a package of spinning tops.