Day #834 (Mon., Apr. 16, 2012) – Hair Elastics (Plastics)

Ramona took Katie to a new park today and she saw a shy boy. She ran up to him and said “Don’t Be Shy”. Our child sure isn’t… It seems that Katie’s favorite park these days is the Community Center at the corner of Estes and Franklin. There are roses and kids so it is perfect for her.

2012-04-16 - Elastics
2012-04-16 - Elastics

When I arrived home from work this evening I decided that I would give Katie another one of the presents I got for her at the Dollar Store the other week. She calls them “special presents”. Tonight it was an assortment of hair elastics (plastics as she calls them) as you can see in the photo to the left. She loves playing with things that are brightly colored like this and are the same shape. I’m going to have to stop giving her things like this every night or she will come to expect them.

It all started with bagel and jam on daddy’s plate. Katie appeared and said that she wanted some…so I gave her a piece of the bagel. It soon became apparent that she didn’t want the bagel, but to lick the jam off the bagel. My wife then went to the kitchen and got her a bowl of blueberry jam. As Katie ate it with a spoon more of it found its way to the floor and her onesie than it did to her mouth. This is where the fun really began…

As my wife took off Katie’s onesie to wash it Katie decided that she would take off her diaper as well. Soon Katie said that she wanted to poop. Thinking that she would wait til my wife took her to the toilet, well, that was not to be. I’ll let your imagination run wild with that thought. Katie was upset and cried and cried and didn’t want to take a bath. Once she was calmed down and equipped with a new diaper she was…back to putting jam on the floor and getting down on all fours and licking it up… “Katie’s cycle of life” so to speak…

1) Katie loves playing with elastics (plastics).