Day #839 (Sat., Apr. 21, 2012) – Play Doh Octopuses

After the talk with the real estate agent last night we decided that I would go out to the old house and make the needed repairs to the laminate flooring. I put the stuff down so I know exactly what is involved. At any rate, it will save us about $275 as that is what the contractor wanted to charge.

Katie has become my “little shadow” as of late. She will follow me around everywhere. I have a hard time getting away to go to the bathroom. One of the most successful methods to get away for a while is to put one of her favorite television shows on…she will stare at it transfixed.

2012-04-21 - Octopuses
2012-04-21 - Octopuses

Katie and I played with the play doh when I returned this evening. I decided that I would make a octopus like Oswald…but Katie decided that she wanted one in this color then that color. Then as the Play Doh was running thin she wanted some baby ones. You can see the assortment in a train in the photo to the left.

This evening I decided that I would cut up a grapefruit and of course Katie wanted some as well. A while back I would cut it up and took off the rind but Katie is a big girl now and wants to eat it like daddy. I cut it into 8 separate slices and showed Katie how you pick it up and suck the “innerds” out. She loved it and mimicked me perfectly. She loves to do stuff like this with daddy…she’s a big girl now…

1) I made a series of Play Doh octopuses for Katie this evening.