Day #840 (Sun., Apr. 22, 2012) – Marching Around The Mats

For some reason Katie is in a silly mood this morning. She is having a great time pursing her lips and making the “brrrr” sound as she lets the air out. It doesn’t help that daddy is doing it as well…

Dateline: Noon. My wife went to a containment sale this morning so I tended to Katie. She tried to put her to bed before she left but that was not to be. Even after she left I had a hard time putting her to bed. She saw my wife drive away in the car…never a good thing. She cried and cried and I had to distract her and calm her down by saying that she had gone to a sale and was going to bring her back a “special toy”. I hope she brings back a toy but if she doesn’t we’ll make a toy out of “something” that she bought… 🙂

Well Katie wanted to watch “Team Umazoomi” and read a story and play ball…anything but sleep. Finally, around 12:30pm I managed to put her to sleep.

2012-04-22 - Katie The Organizer
2012-04-22 - Katie The Organizer

This afternoon Katie wanted to play on the mats. She would jump from one to the other and this soon progressed to me and her chasing each other around. We then got out a paper roll and toilet paper tube and pretended that they were trumpets and marched around in a circle.

I put the baby toilet seat on the toilet in the 2nd bathroom today. Now it will be ready for Katie when she wants to potty train.

My wife wanted to organize the various cabinets and drawers in the kitchen this evening. As you can see in the photo to the left Katie wanted to help.

1) Katie loves to march and organize…