Day #848 (Mon., Apr. 30, 2012) – No “Special Present”

2012-04-30 - Katie And The Basketball Hoop
2012-04-30 - Katie And The Basketball Hoop

We have the toy basketball hoop set up next to our house and Katie makes good use of it in the photo to the right.

As soon as I came home from work this evening Katie asked me for a “Special Present”. I’m going to have to break her of this habit as I don’t want her to expect me to bring her something every evening. If I don’t break the habit it will only get harder for her as she grows older. I got down to her level and told her that the reason the presents were special is because you don’t get one every day. In this way it is a surprise and is even more special on rare occasions. I then said that I would play with her instead. She pouted a bit but said “Okay”. She really understood what I was saying and was fine with it. I’m amazed at how much this child understands…and she is only two!

Katie and I made a game out of grabbing her sleeping sacks and pretending to sleep on them and saying “Mine”. When I did this she would grab it and smile and pull it away from me. Loads of fun.

1) Seems I am “Mr. Special Present” in Katie’s eyes these days.