Day #847 (Sun., Apr. 29, 2012) – Fearrington Village ScareCrow

2012-04-29 - Ferrington Village
2012-04-29 - Ferrington Village

My wife and I bundled up Katie and took her to Fearrington Village this morning. She got to see the belted goats and cows (see photo to the right) and had lunch at the “Belted Goat Restaurant”. While at the gift shop Katie saw a mannequin with high fashioned clothes and a hat but no head. Katie said “It’s a scarecrow”. The ladies all laughed. I told Katie that it must be working…there are no crows around.

This afternoon I took Katie to the community park off Estes Road. Katie had a bit of a dilemma at first as there was already a pink ball exactly like the one we brought. Which one to kick and which one to chase after? Katie seemed a bit stunned as she tried to decide what to do.

A family at the park had a little toy chiguagua and Katie took to it like crazy. She would follow it around and say ahhh and pat it. I started to fell uncomfortable so I asked the family if she was bothering them. They said no. Looks like we need to get Katie a dog at some point.

I don’t really like this park very much for one particular reason…there is no fence that separates the park from the parking lot. Once Katie gets her steam up it is hard to catch her and it is so easy to just keep running out of the park and into the traffic. Seriously…how hard would it be to put up a fence? They have this large assortment of roses and play implements and even artsy statues…why no fence?

1) We took Katie to Fearrington Village this morning.