Day #846 (Sat., Apr. 28, 2012) – Animal Light Switch

I took Katie to the community park off Estes Road this morning. This is the first time that I have been here but Katie quickly showed me the ropes. She kicked the pink ball around, then went through the rose garden, then played in the trees, then took a few trips down the slide. When she was tired I bundled her up and we drove home. I took a good long video of her chasing the ball around…I don’t think we have many real long videos and I thing they will be more precious as she gets older.

2012-04-28 - Light Switch
2012-04-28 - Light Switch

This afternoon I put the curtain rod up over the window in Katie’s nursery. It is sagging a bit so I went to Home Depot later in the day and got a steel rod to put through it. That helped it from sagging too much. I also put a little animal plate over the light switch (see photo to the left).

This afternoon we Skyped my mother in Canada. Katie did a bit of dancing for her and even crawled on the back of my wife and jumped off. What a ham!

Katie has been saying “MINE!” for about a week now. My wife tells me that this is especially a problem when she goes to the park and someone starts to play with her ball. We’re told that this is a phase children have to go through. How can you learn to share til you learn of the concept of “MINE”?

1) I put up the curtain rod and an animal light switch in Katie’s room.