Day #845 (Fri., Apr. 27, 2012) – Lithuanian “Cookies”

I had to go to Cary at lunchtime today so I stopped by the International Market to pick up some Lithuanian bread for my wife. They only had 7 loaves…so I took those and got 3 Russian loaves to boot. I also got some Lithuanian “Cookies” (the ones that are shaped like rings) as well…which proved to be a big hit with Katie.

2012-04-27 - Lithuanian Cookies
2012-04-27 - Lithuanian Cookies

When I got home this evening Katie was looking for her “Special Present”. I gave her a bag of the Lithuanian “Cookies” (see photo to the left) that I got at noontime today. My wife opened the package up and gave her one, but once our backs were turned it turns out that was not enough. Katie got into the bag and soon they were all on the floor. She sat on my lap munching on her cookies and watching “Team Umizoomi”…heaven toddler style…

This evening my wife noticed some movements in the driveway. It was three deer that had ventured there on their way to looking for something to eat. We showed them to Katie but she soon said bye and went back to watching “Team Umizoomi”…

1) Katie got to see some deer on our driveway this evening.