Day #850 (Wed., May 2, 2012) – Babysitter Christina #2

Early morning…3:50 am : This is the second night in a row that Katie has woken up crying. This is quite unusual as she usually sleeps through the night. I normally wake up when I hear Katie crying but I was so beat I slept right through it. My wife tells me the following:

She took Katie to a rocking chair hoping that she just had a bad dream and would fall asleep in her arms. However, Katie proceeded to quickly slip out out of her lap and went straight to the guest bedroom where her books were. Katie just laid down on the bed – She was hoping that she would fall asleep so she didn’t turn the light on.

She then went to the kitchen to heat up some milk and Katie was so quiet that she was sure that she fell asleep. When she went to the office Katie heard her and asked me to read her a story. I found her quietly sitting in darkness waiting for her mommy (so much for being scared of the dark). I am surprised how she doesn’t mind darkness at all… We read and read and read and at about 4:15am I put her back to bed. I think this is the first time when after getting up she didn’t ask for her TV shows, but for a story instead.

Christina, a babysitter that my wife met when she was talking Katie for a walk one afternoon came to help my wife out today. She will be here in the afternoon for a couple of days. Ramona will return on Monday.

2012-05-02 - Katie Sees A Deer
2012-05-02 - Katie Sees A Deer

My wife sent me the following email at work today: “Your daughter is something else. Christina just came and she is happily sitting and reading with her as if she had known her for years… It’s almost scary…”

The deer sure love to roam around our new house. In the photo to the right you can see where Katie sees her new “guests”…

1) Katie sure takes to new people easily.